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The Two Happy Fish

A book about fish and friendship. Em is a clown fish, different from the rest. He feels really lonely, since at school no fish laughs at his jokes and as a clown fish, he is supposed  to be funny. Until one day he meets Ci...

Story, illustrations and bookbinding by Mirna Marijanović.

The Fish and the Leaf [9.1]

"The Fish and the Leaf" is a piece about love; A strange love. The story is about a fish that lives alone in a river until, one day, a leaf falls from a tree which is hanging above the river. The fish falls in love with the leaf since the latter's resemblance to a fish. And their adventurous story unfolds!

The fish and the leaf is based on a story made by

Mirna Marijanović.

Text adjustment into verse by Fanis Zachopoulos.

Excerpt from the music scores' introduction, written

by Fanis Zachopoulos.

Cover illustrated by Mirna Marijanović.

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